Exhibit Hall

Welcome to the Exhibit Hall.

Here, you will find various interesting exhibits and documents produced through activities of The Boise Commons. Click on the link to download the document of interest.

Geographic Disparity in Boise Voter Turnout (2017)

The Geographic Disparity in Voter Turnout in the Boise City Election of November 7 2017 is a report prepared following the election of November 7, 2017. This election focused solely on city council seats and an open space levy. The report includes a map clearly showing the city-wide disparity in turnout in this election, which ranged from 8.1% to 40.9% by precinct. Comparison is made with other recent elections, and factors correlated with turnout are described.

The State of Boise’s Neighborhood Associations (2016)

The State of Boise’s Neighborhood Associations – Final Report – June 3 2016 provides important insight into Boise’s most local level of voluntary civic organization. It is based primarily on the survey of neighborhood association board members and presidents conducted in the spring of 2016.

Survey of Youngest Voting Age Citizens in Boise (2016)

The Boise Commons Survey of Youngest Voting Age Citizens – Final Report – Nov 15 2016 provides insight into how the majority of Boise’s high school seniors viewed voting and other forms of civic participation just before the election of 2016.

The Boise Commons – Annual Report 2016

InĀ The Boise Commons – Annual Report 2016, we review the accomplishments of our first full year and take a look ahead to 2017.